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Why do I need
"Duct Leakage Testing"
or a "Sealed Duct Test"?

Most homes have a duct system that delivers cooled or heated air from the air conditioning or heating unit to the home's living spaces. According to the CEC the average duct system leaks about 30 percent of the conditioned air into the attic or crawl space. That alone, can actually double your utility bill.  Properly sealed ducts will make your home more comfortable inside and help lower your utility bill.

Duct Leakage Testing or a “Sealed Duct” Test verifies that your ducts and building cavities that convey conditioned air do not leak more than is allowed by the CEC. We do this by pressurizing the entire duct system (with a Duct Blaster) and measuring how much air escapes.  

The installing contractor is expected to pretest their work to determine if your ducts have been properly sealed. Then they input their test results on the registry by filling out a CF-2R-MCH-20 (installers) form. 

Next as a quality assurance step a HERS Rater is called out to perform the HERS sealed duct test on the system. If the system passes, The HERS inspector shall issue a HERS Certificate (CF-3R-MCH-20) for the sealed duct testing.  
If the duct testing results show that the system leaks >5% (new duct systems) or >15 % (existing duct systems) of the systems rated fan flow, the installer will be required to properly seal your ducts, at no additional cost to you .

For existing homes, the 2016 Building Energy Efficiency Standards require testing of ducts, after a central air conditioning and/or heating system is installed or replaced, with some exceptions.

For newly constructed homes, the 2016 Building Energy Efficiency Standards require testing of ducts, if a ducted HVAC system is installed.  This sealed duct testing is mandatory, there are no exceptions 

This is a Duct Blaster B from The Energy Conservatory!

This tool allows a HERS Rater to determine how tight (or leaky) the heating and air conditioning's duct system really is. 

Duct Blaster from The Energy Conservatory

Duct Testing

This is how a HERS Rater performs a sealed duct test